i'm Choice (TM)

What is it?

The IndiependenceMusic.net proprietary "Age Appropriate" & "Explicit Content" management system that provides content controls for our members.

These "i'm Choice" features are the first of their kind for internet users exploring on-line music.

Why did we create "i'm Choice"?

To provide the only free internet music community that, not only welcomes every type of music, but does so within an interface that displays content, based on individual preferences and ages.

How does "i'm Choice" work?

Each member can provide their opinion as to the amount of "Explicit Content" and what "Age" the site content may or may not be appropriate for.

Member's opinions are gathered and processed into our "i'm Choice" management system. This dynamic and evolving collective opinion determines the settings for the "Inappropriate and/or Explicit Content" parameters for all of our site's content.

A user must be logged-in (via a free membership) to cast his/her opinion, to view all site content, and to enjoy the benefits of "i'm Choice".

When previewing our site (not logged-in) the content viewable is appropriate for teenage children or above and contains little, if any, explicit content.

- Adult members (18 and over)
can select their preference as to how much, if any, "Explicit Content", they prefer to find. This preference is set in the "Member Area/Edit my Info" page. We will be adding a preference choice of find only "Explicit Content" for adult members also.

- Minor members (or their parents)
enter the member's year born when creating their free membership. Based on the "year born", site content available to be viewed is determined by our fan's collective opinion. There are four age brackets in our "i'm Choice" system. Older teens can also set a preference for viewing "Explicit Content" as "None or Somewhat".

- Human Artist Area Review
An "i'm Team" member looks over every new "Artist Area" and its currently loaded photos/songs/bios to . . .
- ensure that there are no blatant copyright infringements.
- provide the first vote on "Age Appropriate" & "Explicit Content" ratings.
- verify the "Artist Area" content is of a musical nature (versus pornography, advertising, etc.). This is not a qualitative review; anything remotely musical will go live on our site.

What is "Explicit" or "Age Inappropriate"?

We believe no one single individual knows, but yet each of us knows for ourselves - and that is the foundation of our site's logic.

What doesn't "i'm Choice" do?

It does not eliminate potential exposure of material to minors that their parent or guardian may not approve of.

It does not filter out every song or artist an individual adult may prefer not to find.

What does "i'm Choice" do?

Provides the first and only music internet site that . . .
- creates a safer place where MINORS are empowered to discover music.
- assists ADULTS in controlling the amount of "Explicit Content" they find.
- encourages and welcomes all genres, side by side, on one site.
- has a positive, professional personality where fans of all ages can quickly and easily discover new music.

Enjoy, and please let us know what you think - the "i'm Team"

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