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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ #55

How to Upload Songs.

1. Log-in with your user created "membername" and "password".
2. Click on "My Artist Area" (top right corner).
3. Click on "Play Music".
4. Select either "Add a Single" or "Add an Album" (then Add a Song).

TIP - Currently songs are purchased individually, so we suggest listing songs as either part of a Album/CD (Digital Compilation) or as Single and not both.

We will add the infrastructure to purchase and download the entire Album/CD and/or Singles soon, thanks for your patience.

5. Enter data into the required fields including . . .

"Song Title" - This field cannot contain quotes or apostrophes.
"Duration" - Format is "2:18" or "0:57" for example, not "02:18" or ":57".
"Download Price" - Format is "1.99" or "0.99", not ".99" or "99".
"Song Genre" - Pick the one that best fits this particular song.

6. "Choose/Browse" for the "Song", (a .mp3 file) that you wish to upload.

7. Click "Upload Song", after entering fields and selecting your song.

TIP - Error messages to guide you appear in the Top Left Corner.

TIP - Wait for a "Upload Completed" message before doing anything else.

TIP - During the actual upload, do not use the computer for other things.

TIP - To give away songs the price must be set to "0.00"
and the "Free Download" box checked.

TIP - The "Sample Entry Form" within "Add a Single" provides visual guidance.

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