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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ #51

"i'm Money" and Song Purchasing.

Music is purchased with our internally secure "i'm Money" system.

To add "i'm Money" to your Fan member account . . .
1. Log-in with your user created "membername" and "password".
2. Click on "My Member Area" (top right corner) and/or,
3. Click on any "i'm Money" logo.
4. Minimum "i'm Money" purchase is $10.00 (we charge no transaction fees).

We will be adding single song only purchase options and direct Visa/MC transactions in the future.

Song purchasing using "i'm Money" . . .
1. Log-in with your user created "membername" and "password".
2. Play the song you wish to purchase.
3. Click on "Download/Purchase" within the "i'm Player".
4. The download window opens with your account balance and song cost.
5. Click "Download" to confirm the purchase and to commence downloading.

TIP - If the song is a free download, the same process is used but no funds are deducted from your "i'm Money" account.

TIP - If your account balance is too low to purchase the song, a prompt will appear asking if you wish to purchase "i'm Money" funds.

"i'm Money" allows fan members to quickly and easily purchase one song at a time. Our system eliminates the hassle of creating a separate transaction each time a song is purchased and minimizes the inordinate percentage of the purchase price that would go to bank fees instead of the artists.

In addition, it adds a layer of protection, financial security and privacy for all.

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