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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ #50

Rating "Explicit Content."

NOTICE - This site feature is in progress and will be fully functional soon.

Our members' collective opinion solely determines what songs and artists are marked as containing "Explicit Content". By utilizing this "membership opinion" other site users can filter out material they do not wish to see or hear.

The "Explicit Content" rating displayed at each artist area is based solely on the collective majority opinion of our members.

Note - until a user logs-in, our site filters the defined explicit content, as the user's age is unknown until they create a membership and log-in.

To cast your opinion on "Explicit Content" . . .
1. Log-in with your user created "membername" and "password".
2. Explore our site, its artists and songs.
3. Each Artist Area displays the current "Explicit Content" rating.
4. To cast your opinion, scroll down the Artist Area to the
"Make Your Voice Count" section, then select from the pop-up list.
5. Click on "Enter My Opinion" to cast your vote.

Note, even if you agree with the currently displayed rating, please cast your opinion.

Rating System - "This music/artist contains "Explicit Content" . . .
1. No
2. Somewhat
3. Yes

Our "Explicit Content" system is designed to assist adults to see and hear only the content they prefer and to help parents insulate minors by filtering out most of the inappropriate material.

We believe it is important to empower fans to find what they want, without having to be exposed to what they do not want. However, we offer no guarantee that adults or minors will not be exposed to material they may deem as inappropriate and cannot be held responsible for the impact of any content seen or heard on our site.

We review every single new artist area, its songs and images. However, once an Artist Area is approved and goes live, we depend on our members to cast their opinions as to all "Explicit Content" ratings. If you are interested in reviewing new content, please let us know what genres you like and/or login, then search for songs/artists "not rated" to be the first to cast your opinion.

Please help us: cast your opinion, make suggestions, and notify us of any material that needs our attention.

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