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FAQ #46

Fan memberships for minors.

We are very excited about our developing age appropriate features.

It is imperative that we, as a society, provide safe places for our children to learn, explore and grow.

We are determined to make our music website an outstanding example of this need - a place where minors are empowered to explore, but within the confines of what society (our members) think is appropriate material for any given age. See our FAQs on Age Appropriateness and Explicit Content for more details.

Please enter the new member's "year born" date to assist providing age appropriate material based on age.

Parents and minors over 12 can create free Fan memberships. Our current system requires a separate e-mail address for each membership. If you do not have a separate e-mail address you can use for each child signing up, please feel free to use "yourchildsname" We will receive that e-mail and can verify the e-mail address and membership for you.

In the future, we'll have "Parent" memberships with child sub-memberships.

Any thoughts you'd like to share on this important subject are encouraged.
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