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FAQ #31

Login issues.

1. entering your caSe SeNsiTive "password" incorrectly.

2. remembering your "membername" (not case sensitive)
and/or "password" incorrectly.

3. pop-up blockers on and/or cookies being disabled in your browser.

4. 3rd party software conflicts with programs such as Norton & McAfee.

5. a dial-up connection that may be unreliable, use DSL or faster when possible.

6. other computer processes running in the background such as
auto e-mail checking, chat rooms, instant messaging, etc.

7. a browser crash confusing your membership settings (see # 3 below).


1. Use the "forgot password" feature on the home page of our site to
auto-generate a new temporary password.

2. If you forgot your "membername", contact us at

3. If you know you are entering the correct "membername" and "password" (case sensitive) contact us at We'll happily reset your data with a fresh membername & temporary password to get you going again.

4. Stop transmission interruptions: turn off auto e-mail checking, instant messaging, and/or close other applications.

5. Clear the cache in your browser preferences and restart the computer.

6. Change browser preferences: turn Pop-up/Spam Blockers to OFF,
Enable Cookies, and check other computer firewall security settings.

7. Turn off 3rd party software, Norton, McAfee, etc., to identify likely conflicts.

Let us know what actions solved your problem,
so we can update our FAQ database for future members.

If the suggestions above do not correct your problem, or if you have further questions, contact Please include your computer platform OS, browser & version, and your connection speed.

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