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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ #27

Key website policies.

Please see the legalese in the My Member Area and/or My Artist Area for a complete description. Following are some important premises to understand.

1. Our goal is to maintain a site that is pleasant and functional for all to be "Heard & Found"; our policies exist to achieve this main goal.

2. We reserve the right to suspend any fans or artist member that we feel abuses our website or ignores our stated policies.
2a. Anyone who has an account suspended will have any money earned distributed in full within 30 days.

3. Only one membership is allowed per person.
3a. Artists creating bogus memberships purely for the purpose of voting for themselves or against others will lose their free Artist Area.
3b. Voting "down" other artist's songs to improve your song's position will not be tolerated.

4. Artists are not allowed to rate their own songs; however, family members, friends and fans are encourage to do so. Please do not vote down other artist's songs.

5. Only one Artist Area can be created per membership and has a maximum size limit of 100Mb currently. If you represent multiple artists, feel free to create a separate Artist Area for each.

6. There is no charge to any artist or fan to use our site, hence we make no warranty or promises - except that all Artists selling downloads will be compensated in full, as described elsewhere on this site.

7. In exchange for your free Artist Area we ask that you encourage your fans to purchase digital downloads at our site. We hope this is a painless request as our Artist compensation is the best of any site we know of.

8. We claim no exclusive rights as your distributor, but do request, as a courtesy for getting your free Artist Area, that you do not post addresses or links to other digital download websites in your bio area.

We are excited to promote you to the world, and hope you'll cross promote us. Conversely, it is not cool to put an ad for our competitors in the free Artist Area we've provided. We will be adding an Artist's Website Address field soon as we do want to encourage Fans to connect with Artists as much as possible.

9. While we are proactive and strongly believe in our goals to provide an environment that people of all ages and musical tastes can find what they want, and not what they don't want, we cannot and do not guarantee that minors or adults will not be exposed to inappropriate or explicit content.

We will do our best to create a safe, yet open musical society for all to enjoy and are relying on all of our members to help. Thanks!

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