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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ #21

Cover Songs.

"Cover songs" are your own recorded versions of songs that were originally written by other artists. While you may upload cover songs to our website, you must have permission from the original songwriter, and/or their publishing company to do so.

Generally, musical compositions written before 1923, including most classical music, folk songs and traditional music, are in the "public domain", meaning that they are no longer covered by copyright law. Therefore, you do not need to obtain permission from the songwriter or publishing company.

However, if you have recorded a version of a song that was written after that date, you might need permission, or a license, from the original songwriter(s) in order to publicly "perform", sell their music or allow us to do so for you.

Licenses, or permissions, can be obtained by contacting the songwriter(s) or the publishing company that administers their songs. You can also obtain licenses to perform and sell other writer's songs at the Harry Fox Agency.

For more information on who wrote a particular song, check the ASCAP, BMI, SESAC websites, or contact a qualified entertainment attorney., Inc. reserves the right to discontinue the sales of, or remove from our website, any cover song sound recordings that do not have valid licenses or permissions from the owner(s) or authorized administrator(s) of any song compositions that are owned by other parties. If you are the owner of a musical composition that is being played or sold on our website without your permission or authorization, please contact the website administrator with a complete description of any material that may infringe your copyrights.

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