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The Redlights
Not Rated Yet

Artist Genre: Pop

Fans also think: Rock - Soft/Pop/Folk and Rock - Alt/Indie

Sounds Like: Goo Goo Dolls


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: College


Artist Location: Austintown, OHIO, United States


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In Youngstown, Ohio, singer/songwriter Dan Spencer created a style of music that was something new and refreshing of his own. It was something that was a reflection of who he was as a person. In may of 2003, he brought in Jason to help create this vision he had. They became Jay and Dan unplugged and hit the acoustic coffee house scene. After several successful performances, Dan decided it was time to take their sound to the next level by forming The Redlights in February of 2004. This band shortly became everything Dan could imagine. This sound he had created could be heard together for the first time in the flesh. The sound became one of a kind - a mix of pop, rock, and power that can withstand the test of time. Through a few catchy melodies, he is trying to bring back music that has true meaning behind it and music that people can relate to. Though many band members have come and gone, one thing has never changed....the truely amazing and powerful sound of Dan's creation, THE REDLIGHTS.....
Upcoming Gigs
Date    Venue
02-December-2006   Irish Bob's