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American Originals

Artist Genre: Rock - Alt/Indie

Fans also think: Pop and R & B/Soul

Sounds Like: Beatles, Beach Boys, Robben Ford,


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: 50 Something


Artist Location: St. Louis, MISSOURI, United States


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American Originals is a cool Classic Rock band. Their new CD ONE SPECIAL RULE was just released, here is a review.....enjoy the music, and feel the "O"

If you're looking for a CD loaded with infectious grooves and melodies that'll be stuck in your head for days; a CD that you can crank up while cruising down the highway with your windows rolled down (and did I mention great musicianship?), American Originals have gotcha covered.
Their new CD, "One Special Rule", has something for everyone: songs about failures and successes with the opposite sex, odes to Southern rockers...and there's even one about a fellow facing a Garden of Eden-style dilemma...
But mostly it' s this: FUN.
Featuring a genre-defying diversity of styles melded into one great album, from reggae-flavored tunes to straight up Southern-fried rock to funk, the trio' s "One Special Rule" is certain to get your head bobbin' and your booty shakin ' with its funky riffs and memorable tunes.
So, whether you're looking for a soundtrack for the next party, or looking for something new to freshen up the ole iPod, give American Originals' "One Special Rule" a spin. You'll be glad you did...
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