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Savage Fen
Not Rated Yet

Artist Genre: Rock - Soft/Pop/Folk

Fans also think: New Age and Acoustic

Sounds Like: Starflyer 59


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: 20 Something


Artist Location: Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA, United States


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Member Comments

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Savage Fen is labled under the acoustic genre for its many acoustic based songs. However, from listening to the recent singles, "Tonight" and "You think Its Love", you catch a glimps of several influences that Jon has incorporated into his music (Shoegazer, dream pop, rock, new age, and many other countless genres). All the instruments in these songs were played by Jon Watje and each song was recorded, edited and mixed within 1 hour. Savage Fen was founded in the mid-90s in minneapolis, minnesota when 15 year-old Jon Watje started to write songs on his guitar. He was influenced by a wide range of musical styles; anything from Rock, Punk, Grunge, to pop, techno, classical and folk. Jon started out by recording his songs on a small 4-track and became more and more serious about music. When he reached this late teens, he discovered a band that literally changed his life...Starflyer 59. Starflyer 59's legendary shoegaze sound captured Jon's mind and he started to vere his music into the shoegaze/dream pop sound. In the fall of 2002, Jon moved to Oklahoma City to attend college. Moving to a totally new area brought many opportunites his way. He joined a female vocalist from Norman and wrote some amazing songs such as "All Her Grace" and "Long to Soar". Unfortuantly, the duo wouldn't last long and Jon was left to find another project. He would go on to play with several other bands in the OKC area such as Soul Desire and Obadiah. Living in Oklahoma City and the experience of writing music left Jon with a lasting impression. When he was home for the summers, his writing became more intense. After searching for a singer for the longest time, he finally gave into the thought of singing his songs himself and in the fall of 2004, he was finally ready to record an album full of songs that he had worked on for the previous 4 years. Currently, Jon continues to write/record music.
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