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Realm Ex Music

Artist Genre: Rock - Metal/Hard/Heavy

Fans also think: Symphonic / Classical and Musical Theatre & Poetry

Sounds Like: Ayreon, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Stratovarius, Cradle of Filth, Saint Preux, Nightwish, Rick Wakeman, Evgeniy Grishkovets


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: 20 Something


Artist Location: Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk obl., Russian Federation


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Realm Ex Music is the conglomerate of 4 projects made by Timofey Mineyev and Co:

Thymo (ex-Realm Ex)

Initially appeared in 2002 as Timofey Mineyev has started playing guitar and composing own music. “Realm Ex” can be described as a one-man multistyle instrumental project.
The “Realm Ex” title stands for the idea of expressing ideas and thoughts lying deep inside the bosom of the author. The “Realm” is seen as the inner kingdom of soul, so beautiful and vivid, however, not perceivable by anyone else but the soul-bearer himself. The aim of the any creation and creativity is to express whatever is inside the creator, that’s what the “Ex” is for: a Latin preposition denoting outward movement. Realm Ex is the display and conveyance of Timofey Mineyev’s inner world.


A unique project which concept was elaborated by Timofey Mineyev as the story to learn from and advice to listen to. The main idea of “Audiokino” is to exceed borders and limits of musical perception in order to combine rock, electronic, ambient, blues, academic music, dramatic elements, monologues, dialogues, verses, highly emotional and sensitive narration.
The title “Audiokino” was inspired by the idea of turning the music things into large and voluminous productions. As the initial term “kino” (eng. cinema) denotes the motion picture evolving and living in the course of its action, the “audiokino” means unfolding and development of a thick plot framed in the sound form. Features Dmitry Sosnov as the lead singer, and Timofey Mineyev as the master mind, concept maker, lyrics- and drama part- author (supported by Pavel Terentev), composer, arranger, instrument programmer and guitar player.

Rose in Chaos

That one followed the cooperation of Timofey Mineyev and Dmitry “Diamond” Sosnov. Originally, Timo and Diamond met in 2007 at the live performance of their then metal bands. However being an acquaintance, that event provoked the long-term and effective cooperation of two musical minds oriented on art rock, progressive metal, power metal, ambient etc. music. The project is the great combination of various elements and styles. Evolving structure and mood are the peculiarities marking out “Rose in Chaos” among other progressive, art-metal-, multistyle bands and projects.
The name of the project comes from the Stephen King’s epic novel “The Dark Tower”, the center of the music is a gentle and melodic core, surrounded by furious chaos of metal. The music is deliberately overloaded with elements and features to turn the traditional sound content into motley scenic canvases rich in colors and moods. Features Dmitry Sosnov as the lyrics writer and lead singer (supported by whomever he invites) and Timofey Mineyev as the composer, arranger, instrument programmer and guitar player.

Angelize Project

The project appeared in 2008 under the influence of melodic death and modern electronic-combined metal, however entwining with the original Realm Ex vision of music. Original purpose - more close and clear portrayal of music ideas made on the verse-chorus structure.
The name of the project reflects exquisite and refined melodic patterns so often associated with the traditional metal hardness. “Angelize Project” is the depth unfathomable and yet awe-inspiring to the listener as well as to the author himself.

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