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Catya Mar'e
Not Rated Yet

Artist Genre: New Age

Fans also think: Acoustic and Pop

Sounds Like: Sarah Brightman, Deep Forest, Enya, Enigma, Delirium....


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: 30 Something

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, United States


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Member Comments

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If you thought this was a usual violinist you´re definitely wrong.....The violin is Catya Maré´s voice...beautiful melodies...woven into an ambient/electronica backing.....sensual, emotional, funky, chill out, spiritual music...
Music to refresh your soul...recharge your batteries...
Right now on 90 international radio stations, Hollywood films and TV shows...

In February 2008 she did sign with the independent US record label Spectra Records. They will distribute her first two albums worldwide and release her third. 



"Usually, when my friend Steve tells me about an artist I pay attention, and this artist's music more than lived up to his recommendation. Catya Maré plays classically inspired jazz violin with amazing style. With full orchestral backup on many of her songs, even those that are stripped down to nothing more than Catya's violin also have all the textures of a forest at sunrise. And I also discovered that her music paints pictures in my mind that are absolutely gorgeous. Technically, I find any point of her music to be flawless, which should be no surprise as Catya has been educated at some of Europe's finest music schools.
Branching out from her native Germany, Catya Maré has been featured on jazz radio stations around the world. Playing her music in art museums and sometimes with an interpretive (and very pretty) dancer at her side, she glides through all the barriers between classical music, art, and jazz.
Comparing her to any of the finest violinists in the world isn't out of the question. I really look forward to Catya Maré's music being included on MIXXSTUDIOS playlist. Steve, you're right, she is fabulous.



"Your music is absolutely georgous! I really enjoyed the New Age flavor while dining on your violin sounds. WOW! is all I can simply state!!"
(Sonny Thomas
Music Artist Promotions Director for
MIAMI Music & Entertainment /
The H.M.D. Music Resource Guide ®


"This Girl Rocks the music world! Check her music out! Keep up the wonderful music!"
(Sound Spectrum Magazine, USA)


"....very evocative, very visual.....nice work!"
Jay Holben, film director / producer, Hollywood


"Every once in a while something truly beautiful happens. This is such a happening. I have heard some violin music in my time but nothing compares to Catya. She is a truly remarkable musician and gives her all in her performances."
(Review by Songcatcher Records, Ireland)



"AMAZING.... You are the most talented woman I think I have ever heard!!"
Universal Promotions (USA)


"Your music is incredibly beautiful. Very well composed and playing is even more fluid and perfection. You are GREAT!
Johnny Kim"
(-Warner Brothers Pictures
Burbank, CA US
-Twentieth Century Fox Studios
Culver City, CA US
-Bill Graham Presents (concert promoter for major concerts)
San Francisco, CA US
-GLM Records
Beverly Hills, CA US
Artist and Repertoire (A&R))


Catya Maré has been playing the violin all her life (first concert as a soloist with an orchestra at the early age of 10 years old, teachers a.o. Zakhar Bron), playing soloconcerts as a classical violinist in the USA, Israel, Germany..... has been holding the position of an alternating concertmaster with a big scandinavian symphony orchestra (Aarhus Symfoniorkester).... and then found out that there were other possibilities, this wasn´t enough....
One day, about three years ago, when recovering from a bad influenza and starting to play the violin again, she became aware of the fact, that she was playing something she never had heard or seen before. ESSENTIAL IMPRO! Music arising from the moment! A quite unusual thing for a classical musician. Listen to some of it at Since then she does perform at Museums of Modern Art (National Galerie Berlin, Kunsthaus Zürich, Leopold Museum Wien, Miami Bass Museum of Art etc), at churches, shows and does collaborate with dancers and painters.

In February 2006 she started to compose songs, where the violin is the primary voice. It´s a completely new style of playing the violin (or better: singing it...) a breathing and vibrating sound, which resembles more the female voice than a usual violin..... Her songs have been broadcasted at 90 international radio stations, are placed in films /TV ahows and are receiving the most amazing reviews....
In April 2007 Catya Maré won a non-exclusive publishing deal with Noteborn Music (USA).

When not performing concerts/shows she does produce / record her own music. LIGHT LONGING, the debut album, has been released in January 2007. Her second album, CLOUDS, in December 2007.

In February 2008 she did sign with the independent US record label Spectra Records. They will distribute her first two albums worldwide and release her third. 

(CLOUDS will be renamed: "Remembering The Day", and have an even more beautiful cover :o)).




Airplay at a.o.:  MIXXSTUDIOS Radio (US), La Planète Bleue (France), Bowed Radio (US), myspace podcast, SZ Radio (Norway), the NY Radio show ""Lets get metaphysical"" (US), Beach House Radio (UK), Radiogogy (US), Ambient Ping Radio (US), Planet Tranquil Radio (USA), New Age Rhythms (USA), Blue Bert Radio (NL), Lotus Zen Radio (USA), Pagan Radio Network (USA), Adagio (USA), Moods of the Moon (USA), Orpheus (USA), Wayfarer´s Way (USA), Mystical Melodies (USA), Vinyl Bytes (USA), Eyes Of The Poet Radio (USA) and EMjoy (Germany), Randbradio (US), SISO Radio (US), Push Radio (US), Sunset & Jazz Web Radio (US), CoBalt Stream (US) and Radio Papesse (Italy), Lady Pantheress Radio (US), RenegadeRadio (US),....


Fans´responses on her debut album LIGHT LONGING:

"I can't even begin to tell you how much I love LIGHT LONGING. I have not taken it out of the cd player since I put it in.This is the most uplifting and inspiring music i've ever listened to.You can feel your emotions and feelings in every song.Thank you so much and take of your hands and yourself because this world is a much better place with you in it!!!!!! keep up the fantastic work. love ~eddie~"

"I am so happy to have a copy of Light Longing! I finally know what I have an iPod for. It has never made such beautiful sounds before. My New Year is off to a great start! thank you - Mike"

"It's what I expected, absolutely beautiful.
Thank you for making such wonderful music.
I'm a fan for sure.
All my best to you on the completion of this splendid work.
Respect my friend,

"This is no music! It's candy for the soul!

"You are going to "touch" many people with your new CD.
Yes your music is wonderful.

"well to me I close my eyes and it is like a heavenly journey taking me floating in the clouds,
and I don't want to be disturbed!"





Thank you very much for visiting this website at and feel free to check out some of Catya´s music and her"Video of The Stroking Voice" at!

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