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1  Rowdy Johnson Band
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Andrew Logan

Artist Genre: Pop

Fans also think: Electronica/Techno and Blues

Sounds Like: Nobody


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: REALLY Something


Artist Location: Chester, Cheshire, United Kingdom


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Member Comments

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I play keyboards in a superb function and original music band in the UK called EGO KING (Cheshire) 

I have formed a collaboration with a superb new singer, Lisa and we are co-writing an album of pop songs, watch this space!


Upcoming Gigs
Date    Venue
30-July-2010   Alexanders Rufus Court Chester
28-January-2011   Alexanders Chester
25-November-2011   Cock O Barton Pub
25-February-2017   Telfords Chester
23-November-2013   Stanneylands Hotel Wilmslow
21-November-2014   Red Lion Pub
21-December-2012   Alexanders Chester
19-May-2012   Chester Beer Festival Littleton
19-December-2014   Alexanders
18-June-2016   Liverooms Chester
17-May-2014   Chester Beer Festival
16-November-2013   Rowton Hall
15-May-2014   Chester Beer Festival
15-May-2010   Chester Beer Festival
15-March-2014   Chester Racecourse
14-May-2010   Queen Hotel Chester
10-June-2011   Alexanders
09-March-2012   Alexanders Chester
09-April-2010   Alexanders Jazz Club Chester
07-September-2012   Alexanders Chester
06-September-2013   Alexanders Chester Outdoor gig
06-June-2014   Alexanders Chester
04-April-2010   Harrisons Bar Nantwich Blues Festival
03-June-2012   Cock O Barton
01-October-2011   Chester Racecourse