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1  Rowdy Johnson Band
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Daniel Work

Artist Genre: Adult Contemporary

Fans also think: Rock - Soft/Pop/Folk and Singer-Songwriter

Sounds Like: Paul McCartney, Five For Fighting, Crowded House, Steely Dan, America, Randy Newman, Billy Joel, Huey Lewis, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: 0


Artist Location: Lake Oswego - Portland, OREGON, United States


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Member Comments

I figured out my favorite song that you wrote is "What's the Deal."
Sam D

Hey Dan,

Love the Music!  Congrats on the New Release

Randy W

Hey Daniel,

Nice tunes!  Congrats on the new album!

Lizzy L

Hey Daniel, JoshSchramm here. I updated my band page. Check it out.
Joshua S

Hey Daniel!

Smokin' song! Love the work you're doing......keep pumpin' out those great songs!


Connie M

Great song selections!  Thanks for sharing, I was waiting to see your stuff here!
Jason T

Hey Daniel, I finally checked out your artist page and little did I know. AWESOME! You have just won another fan. Also, thanks to you and your team for your dedication to running a great site for us Indies!

Joe B

R.O.C.K. is really good, and so is the Arizona Wildcats!
Zander W

Great work Dan!
Jacqueline M


Daniel is the founder & president of, a performing singer-songwriter and a media production expert.  His music is commercial adult-contemporary soft/rock in style. 

Let us know which song(s) you liked best by POSTING a fan comment, and/or or joining Daniel's fan list to get private future updates. 

Listen to and then rate his songs (unless you hate them, smile)

Lyrics are available in the IMAGES section of this Artist Area

To purchase a physical CD ($15 plus Shipping) go to


PERFORMING Singer-Songwriters - Daniel is seeking other artists to co-front a new Portland band, THE NOTED, co-writing, recording, and performing with some great musicians.


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I've Got a Name (Obama) "widescreen" music video links

Flash video - Half size

Flash video - Full size

Quicktime - Very High Quality

Quicktime - Medium Quality, but Half-Size Image Area

Quicktime - Medium Quality

Quicktime - Lower Quality

YouTube IGAN Obama Video

Lyrics & Production Credits PDF

This video was inspired by the Obama Campaign. It is a newly recorded, adapted version of the hit song "I've Got a Name". Thanks to the publisher Warner-Chappell for allowing the adaptation to take place.


Upcoming Gigs
Date    Venue
13-November-2008   Billy Bangs/Portland, 7 - 9p with Matt Brown & Jon
11-December-2008   Billy Bangs/Portland, 7 - 9p with Miguel Martinez