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Artist Genre: Ska / Punk

Fans also think: Electronica/Techno and Rock - Alt/Indie

Sounds Like: Disconnected


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: 20 Something


Artist Location: Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia


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Disconnected (DC),originally from Bandung Indonesia,somewhere in south-east Asia, came into existence in 1998. The original members Arie (voc/guitar), Yudha (Bass) and Decil (Drums) followed their dreams to become rock stars and began playing at their local junior high school. That dream eventually led to the formation of "DISCONNECTED" or just "DC" for short. The name was actually taken from the title of a song by an american punk band, Face to Face. There was no special reason for taking this name. It just sounded good. Like their music. In the beginning DC played covers from some of their favourite bands including, Gigantor, Kill Rays, Face to Face and Blink 182. It took the addition of two more members PJ (guitar/voc) and Dea (Synth), in 2000, before they began to experiment and write their own music. This experimentation led to their combining punk with elements of electronic and trance music to create their own unique style. With their own music in hand they began playing a wider range of venues and released their first album "Inside Out." They also had a number of singles featured on compilations released by a local, independent record company. In 2003 continued to produce they're own music and progressively develop new material. They keep on pushing on and keep rocking every stage that they play. We're back on may 2006 with Stay low and keep those feet moving.EP released by Heaven Records.
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