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Happy Rhodes

Artist Genre: Singer-Songwriter

Fans also think: Electronica/Techno and Acoustic

Sounds Like: Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: 40 Something

Artist Location: Upstate, NEW YORK, United States


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Member Comments

A rare and pure reflection of the traditional folk world.
Daniel W


Find Me, Happy's 11th album and her first since 1998's Many Worlds Are Born Tonight, is finished and available at CD Baby and iTunes.

A MySpace page for the new album: 

The main MySpace page:


Happy Rhodes (her real name) has released 11 albums in her 20+ year music career. Though she's unknown to most, she does have a worldwide cult following and many admirerers among musicians from all genres.

Though her music is forced to be described in current genre terms (acoustic, electronic, singer/songwriter) it doesn't fit into any one particular genre, and her fans just call it "Ecto music" (Ecto being a genre to them that encompasses other artists too, such as Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel).

Happy lives on a beautiful farm in upstate New York, has a day job, and lives her life far away from the music business. She doesn't play live very often, but there are several live clips on YouTube.

Her first 9 albums were released by the indie label owned by Kevin Bartlett called Aural Gratification. Her 10th album was released by Samson Music, who dropped her when they realized they didn't know what to do with her. She is now unsigned and has self-released her 11th album.



Find Me (2007)

Many Worlds Are Born Tonight (1998)

The Keep (1995 compilation of acoustic versions and raritites)

Building The Colossus (1994)

RhodeSongs (1993 compilation of early tracks and rarities)

Equipoise (1993)

Warpaint (1991)

Ecto (1987)

Rearmament (1986)

Rhodes II (1986)

Rhodes I (1986)


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