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Christina V. Montgomery~BMI Songwr

Artist Genre: Country - Traditional

Fans also think: Country - Pop/New and R & B/Soul

Sounds Like: Straight from the heart lyrics.........


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: 40 Something

Artist Location: Salinas, CALIFORNIA, United States


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Christina V. Montgomery was born and raised in Salinas, California. She began writing poetry at the age of twelve. Christina, rather than keeping a diary like most young girls, began expressing her feelings through poetry. She has since written over 5000 poems and has pushed her writing hobby into a full time career as a BMI song lyricist and novelist. She is a published author of her own book entitled "Straight from the Heart" and has received hundreds of publications and awards for her writing efforts. Christina has a very unique talent that allows her to write about anything under the sun. Unlike most people, Christina is able to write lyrics univerally from a male or female perspective. She has been featured in several publications of the Salinas Californian Newspaper's INK ENTERTAINMENT and also a Special Feature in Trucker's 10-4 Magazine for her song lyrics "Keep on Truckin".

Christina's writing sense of style and the passion that she puts into her words can easily bring a tear to your eyes and put you in the heart of the song, feeling as though you have "really been there" experiencing everything that you are listening to. She believes in writing lyrics that will completely touch someone, giving them a complete passionate sense of reality. Many ask is Christina is a vocalist as well. Christina is not a vocalist, but would much rather be the one behind the music, writing the words before the melody and vocals bring that song to life. To her that  is POETRY IN MOTION!  Her passion in life has always been to let the words flow on paper. She can naturally pick up a pen, begin writing and when her hand stops, the end result  is absolutely amazing. Christina is not someone who has to think about what she is writing, look back and double check her words. She can literally "pick up a pen and go"!

Aside from being a passionate person, she has a playful side as well. She is happily married and has two wonderful children. In her spare time (if any) Christina enjoys reading,  spending time with her family and riding one of her several horses.

Christina has several new projects that are approaching for the year of 2008. She has a Romanace/Suspense Novel entitled Reflections that is co-written with her best friend Carrie Hill Neely, whom of which has written several novels. The new year will bring out Christina's Songwriters Cd entitled Poetry In Motion which will include collaborations from Kelly McDonald, Kortney Jean, David Walker, Robbe Zappa and a special artist. Later in the year, Christina is planning on putting out another album to help Support Our Troops in Iraq, dedicated to her little brother, U.S. Army Soldier Will Ottone. And before the end of 2008, she welcomes the release of "Watching the Angels Fly" in Eurpoe!


She has 3 books published, "Crying out Loud", a novel based on a true life experience. Two books of poetry include "Straight from the Heart" and "Toying with Love".

 Christina is currently looking for a female vocalist. Material for this artist can be serious or playful.

If you have a lyrical ideas, feel free to drop Christina or her manager, David Walker a line. Christina writes on a contract basis only, to protect herself and the artist.

All other sites and contact  information is posted below!

~*~Christina V. Montgomery~*~
Currently writing lyrics for over 30 artists
with 2 european radio releases and 8 in the U.S.
...with her published books of poetry... her novels,
her lyrics, her poetry in motion, will truly touch you in the heart
and bring tears to your eyes!

Represented by:

David Walker
Walker Musical Enterprises

Christina V. Montgomery

for the following

Country Artists

Kortney Jean
Katrina Lynn
M.I.A. Band
Ryan Rhynes
Cortney Overall
Rachel Kelley
T.W. Edwards
Ricky Fergurson
Shelby Horner
William Nash
Southern Pride
Tommy Thompson
Robbe Zappa
Eddie Sash
Charlie Rivero
The list goes on and on........

I am also a
Kelly McDonald Supporter
Christina V. Montgomery
Published Author
Salinas, California
"Straight from the Heart"
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