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1  Rowdy Johnson Band
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Artist Genre: Rock - Alt/Indie

Sounds Like:


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: 30 Something


Artist Location: Edinburgh, Midlothian, United Kingdom


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In March 2001, Dominic James returned from living in Barcelona with nothing but the idea to form a band and create an album. ‘As nothing’ he remembers ‘was what I felt like at that time’. Although he had written music while studying at college and university, he had never dedicated himself to forming a proper band and pursuing an album project. ‘I had always wanted to be a musician, but had always felt unworthy of such a task. Forming a band and a working project always seemed beyond me. It was only when I was at the point of personal crisis that I felt impelled to begin making songs’. After spending two years writing music at home and working in a number of jobs to fund the equipment to record them, Dominic finally had enough material and ideas to return to Edinburgh to look for a band. Those were dark days seeking inspiration in a seaside town in Sussex, a sensation captured so well by the kneeling beach photo taken by friend Jana at that time.Upon returning to Edinburgh, an old friend introduced Dominic to Neil Hartley and Craig Finnie, who seemed immediately interested in the notion of forming a band after listening to the songs. Craig was only 17 at the time, but Dominic felt he had a great attitude and was really creative in his guitar melodies. Neil hadn’t touched a drum for 6 years and had been playing percussion for a number of bands up to the time he came into the Graystar outfit. It seemed the three musicians had a rapport from the outset, but lacked a bass and keyboard player. The problem continued until March 2004, when Tim Dyer and John Reynolds joined and helped define the sound of the band. ‘For months we had practised as a three or four-piece, but from April that year we felt like a complete band’.Gigs followed, and as Graystar performed and spent long hours in the studio, so the songs evolved and the band’s sound became definitive and recognisable. ‘Playing in small venues helped us become more subtle and adept at performing the songs in different ways, and we wanted to challenge the notion that live music is about being as loud as possible. That was a feeling we all shared’. The band started recording in Banana Row studios in Edinburgh, where they met Rick Scott who has subsequently produced six of the bands tracks so far. The end of 2004 saw an important change, when it was decided that singles should be recorded and promoted through a new website. This has proven to be a great decision, as Graystar have found much media acclaim and recognition for their singles since the release of Life Support in March 2005.In March 2006, Mark Taylor replaced John as the bass player and has brought his own sound to the band and has provided an important new drive to the music.‘A Million Pieces’, the new album, is completed and contains 10 tracks of the band’s best material from the last two years.
Upcoming Gigs
Date    Venue
18-January-2007   Pulserated Radio live studio session
14-February-2007   The Cavern Club, Liverpool
04-February-2007   Barfly, Glasgow