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1  Rowdy Johnson Band
This Country of Mine
2  Patrick Rayl
Back Home
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No More Stones
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Let It Go
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1  Rowdy Johnson Band
2  Patrick Rayl
3  The Noted
4  BhordE
5  Beyond Recording Production
6  Nick Granato
7  Daniel Work
8  Deachece Team (D.H.C.)
9  Katrina Lynn
10  Michael Allen Harrison

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Artist Genre: Rock - Alt/Indie

Fans also think: Singer-Songwriter and World

Sounds Like: The Doors, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, ACDC, Bob Marley


Age Appropriateness: All Ages


Artist Age: 20 Something


Artist Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Member Comments

hey. i really like the outsider. im a sucker for organ tho... :]


great work 

Nathan F

Theres always been a gap in music, where the few and far between gather to try and create something beyond comprehension. Good music is beyond comprehension. It strikes you down like a bolt of lightning, before rebuilding you as a sculptural master piece. How often have you come across something that holds entirely too much meaning to you that it engulfs your life? Id say the most recurrent answer is, of course, music. And that is the most important common denominator when you talk of the boys in AlchemistQ.

Like many bands the members of AlchemistQ met through an intricate maze of random musical acquaintances. You cant help but wonder if destiny had anything to do with the crossing of these paths. The boys did explain feeling a strange binding force when they were all in a room together for the first time.

Practicing more times a day than you eat, the four gather in Pouya's basement studio for sessions involving writing and rewriting. Theyre firm believers in the idea that work is only hard if you dont enjoy it.

Witnessing a practice is like being at home on the couch with your favourite movie on. Everything just flows with a subtle intricacy and magic like appeal. Everyone participates in the writing and producing of songs, the cause of many arguments but Seb lightens the mood with some light impromptu guitar work and humor. But everything gets put on hold when theyre practicing, and you finally see how focused they are on becoming the breakout artists that they will undoubtedly become.

Although still a fledgling band, theyre already gathering recognition and acclaim from the random faces and figures that turn out to their shows. Making a name for yourself in music isn't easy. Making your name the name that will be remembered throughout time, thats what you aim for. That's what AlchemistQ is all about.

Victor Clavero
Upcoming Gigs
Date    Venue
08-January-2007   HorseShoe Tavern 10 PM