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Toronto's littleSUNDAY brings a great mix of classic and modern rock together with the new EP Cross The Line for their follow up to the group's debut album Day Of Hollow. With five tracks of pure flashback goodness that will leave any honest rock fan with a finger on the repeat button, Cross The Line is definitely one album to check out. As a 90's music junkie, I really appreciated all aspects of this album quite a bit. The opening track "Leave" starts off with what sounds a lot like a cross between all that is Collective Soul and Led Zeppelinís ďThe Immigrant Song.Ē High energy and coherent, this is music that is easily on par with any bands you hear on radio today. It's certainly a great first impression speaking as someone who has just been introduced to the band through this album. The quality continues throughout the album, yet there's not much of a change of pace to speak of. That's not necessarily a completely negative thing, as I really enjoyed every track offered up here. "In The End" is a really stand out tune, and as I stated before, something that you'd assume to hear blasting in a car radio, or in a music store. Lyrically and musically itís all there for someone who can appreciate good tunes. The band has their lyrics and music well put together, and have some impressive composition that certainly, as I mentioned before, warrants repeat listening. This is especially true if you dig the sounds of the 90's. Honestly, I've missed the sound, and I'm very glad to hear that some bands out there that can appreciate a good thing. Yes, its stuff we've all heard before, but it's good, and frankly that's becoming more and more or a rare thing from what Iíve noticed. So if those elements are something that have you taking notice, pick up Cross The Line as itís sure to impress on a few surprising levels. Track Listing: 1. Leave 2. Cross The Line 3. In The End 4. Stop The Rain 5. Drained - Ian Ball, Tangible Sounds © 2006, All Rights Reserved
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- AMG REVIEW of littleSUNDAY's 'Day Of Hollow': "Resembling a band that grew up on Nickelback, Creed and Pearl Jam to a lesser extent, littleSUNDAY kicks the album off with 'God Save Me'. The song has a nu-metal backdrop with hard yet radio-friendly rock. 'Black & Blue' is probably the album's shining moment, a hard rock tune that has enough melody to carry it through from start to finish. 'Change' is an uplifting and melodic rock tune that has some spiritual overtones like Collective Soul's 'Shine'. The structure follows the same path as the first tune but 'Crash' has more of a funky edge to it. Lead singer Rick Farrell sounds a cross between Pearl Jam and Incubus on this tune. The rhythm section is also very tight, perhaps too tight at times. 'Just Gone' shows more of a pop rock angle along the lines of 'The Calling' with a far grittier tone. It's also one of the better songs on the album. littleSUNDAY takes things down slightly on 'Tear Me Down', an off-kilter tempo that sounds a bit stilted. Drummer Eric Bonatti gives a fine performance here with some intricate solos and support. 'Break Point' has a blues rock feeling oozing from it, making it another favorite with a Led Zeppelin rhythm section... 'Probe' has a certain arena rock ballad aura to it with the obligatory solos and punishing, brooding bass line. Only on 'Out Of Time' does littleSUNDAY briefly take an electric hiatus, opting for a lighter acoustic touch." Jason MacNeil (for AllMusicGuide)
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CHANGE 8.333 3:38 $0.50 Buy
Toronto based indie rock band, littleSUNDAY have been making waves these past few years in the indie music scene with their catchy alt-rock-guitar-driven-sound and their hard-nosed work ethics. This perseverance is starting to pay off in a big way! The band has just signed a distribution deal with Addictive Records (Saigon Hookers, Lye, Romeo Liquor Store, Leviride). Addictive is distributed in Canada by Fontana North/Universal Music Canada. The deal comes in the wake of a very successful year for the band. So what does this mean for littleSUNDAY fans? A debut full-length record! The band is working hard in the studio with a talented team that includes producer Domenic Polito (Classic Albums Live. Abolengo, Lifted, Eryn Vogn), and Justin Koop (Billy Talent, Tomi Swick, Saint Avira Cartel, and Finger 11). The album, which is titled ?Wait for Tomorrow,? will be released in stores across Canada and digitally to the world on October 23rd, 2007: ?I?ve been watching littleSUNDAY?s progress over the last year. What motivated me to want to work with the band were their indomitable and never-ending DIY work ethic, their energetic live show, and their hooky, radio friendly rock songs. The distribution deal will allow their debut CD ?Wait For Tomorrow? to be available to rock fans at music retail stores in Canada as well as on all major digital music services on the planet including i-Tunes, Puretracks, Napster, and DRM Free from E-Music, Amazon, and directly from their MySpace page via SNOCAP?s ?MyStore?. We?re pleased to have littleSUNDAY on the roster and look forward to working with such a determined band to help expose them to wider audience. (Vee Popat, Addictive Records) Band manager and littleSUNDAY Team leader, Paul Merryweather, has watched the boys develop over this past year and is truly honored to become one of the newest signed artists with Addictive Records: While diligently working hard towards getting to the next level, we knew we were missing one key player on our team. That is where Addictive Records comes in, the final cornerstone of our foundation. This new partnership will give littleSUNDAY the vehicle to get our music out to our fans, both old and new. I look forward to building a strong house of littleSUNDAY Rock n Roll on our solid new foundation. (Paul Merryweather, Manager littleSUNDAY) With notable support from radio stations across Ontario, littleSUNDAY is gearing up to be heard all over Canadian Rock Radio. Their list of accomplishments is long and credible. Noteworthy accolades include 97.7 HTZ-FM (St. Catharines, ON) Rock Search finalists in 2004, first runner ups in the 102.1 The EDGE (Toronto, ON) "X-Treme" Band Slam in 2006, Rock 95 (Barrie, ON) ?Local and Loud? finalists this past April and most recently, Y108 (Hamilton, ON) Get Hammered picnic finalists for 2007. ??The band Little Sunday were very impressive, delivering a very high energy, hook laden live set. Lead singer Rick Farrell has incredible stage presence and can certainly command the crowd. The whole band actually has this stage presence that is very polished (in a good way!!) and is something special. The song ?Something About You? is very rock radio friendly, as is a lot of their live set. The band is obviously very dedicated to their craft as their tight live performance and hooky songs certainly stand out? (Derm Carnduff (Y108 ROCKS Program Director))
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WAIT FOR TOMORROW 8.500 3:34 $0.00 Free Download
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